2015 Love U Marathon Coaching Calls



Let’s just say that those who attended got a LOT of personal attention. It was a small call, but that meant that women got to ask multiple questions, and, after all was said and done, our call lasted for over three hours.

I won’t try to synopsize what we covered, but suffice it to say, we were all over the map. You’ll just have to listen for yourself and download it for your next long car ride.

It’s been my pleasure to offer these marathon coaching sessions for the women who signed up for Love U first and I hope you feel they were a good investment of your time. Personally, they helped me feel more connected to you – and therefore, become a much better coach over the past four months.

Thanks for making Love U possible. I’ll see you in the Community!

Marathon Coaching Call

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Whew! When I said “marathon,” I wasn’t aware of how literal I was being.

Four hours and 13 minutes later, I know better.

I cannot begin to encapsulate all that we covered on Monday afternoon, except to say that it was interesting and comprehensive. I promise you at least one or two aha moments if you have the endurance to listen to all 253 minutes.

Click below to listen.

Thanks again for being a part of Love U. It is my honor and pleasure to tackle these tough questions with honesty and compassion, and I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Marathon Coaching Call

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