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Are You Currently In the Relationship of Your Dreams?

If Not, Keep Reading:

When you first joined Love U, you were reeling.


You were tired of distasteful suitors


You were tired of disappearing lovers.


You were tired at the trail of disappointing men who litter your past.


You wrestled with the questions that go through every single woman’s mind:


Maybe there are no good men left.


Maybe I should just give up.


Maybe I have to resign myself to be alone forever.


Now, after, six months of videos and exercises, you are a completely different woman in a completely different place.


You are more confident.


You are more self-aware.


You are more experienced.


You are, frankly, more likely to find a lasting relationship than ever before.


As a coach for smart, strong, successful women, I know that you may evaluate your progress based on whether you have a boyfriend.


But you should evaluate your progress based on how well you’ve absorbed the core principles of Love U.

  • The next guy has nothing to do with the last guy.
  • 90% of men are the wrong men.
  • Short-term pessimism and long-term optimism.
  • Assume the answer is yes.
  • Sexclusivity
  • Believe the negatives, ignore the positives.
  • 7 chemistry/10 compatibility
  • You can’t do the wrong thing with the right guy.
  • The guy you’re dating is not the last man on earth.
  • Be the benevolent CEO and fire underperforming interns.
  • Say yes 95% of the time.
  • Evaluate the relationship, not the man.
  • Show him how to please you.
  • Accept him or leave him.
  • Full trust or no trust.
  • Good relationships are easy. If it’s not easy, it’s not that good.

Those were foreign concepts a few short months ago, but now they’re yours forever.


I sincerely hope that they’ve made a profound difference in the way you view men, dating and relationships.


But as you know, there’s a big difference between knowing something and LIVING it.


So the question isn’t whether you’ve learned something important in Love U.


The question is really about what happens next.


Do you have all the knowledge, confidence, and support that you need to make healthy relationship choices on your own forever?


If so, that is wonderful news. I know I’ve done my job as a coach if my clients don’t think they need to talk with me anymore.


However, if you feel you’re at risk of going back to your old habits, if you feel you still have more room to learn, if you think you can benefit from continued coaching and community, here’s what you should do now:


Click here to set up a time to discuss your future with me.


If you love dating coaching…


If you love connecting with other women..


If you love the connection, intimacy, support, and laughter within the group dynamic…


If you feel you’ve learned a lot but don’t entirely trust your ability to do this on your own…


If you want to ensure that you get the relationship that you came here to get…


Then let’s talk about how to keep you on track without missing a beat. 


Life is short. You deserve to have love in it.


Let’s make this the year you finally met the man who makes your life EASY.


Before you meet that man, you’ll have me by your side, to keep you motivated so that you’ll never again make the same mistakes you did in the past – giving up on love, assuming the worst in men, and staying in the wrong relationship for too long.


You’ve come too far to give up now.

Let's continue your journey and get you the man you came here to meet!