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graduate Sales LetterWhen you joined Love U, it was to get access to my six-month video curriculum – and learn how to make confident relationship choices that lead to lasting love.

But what if you didn’t just have access to my videos – what if you had access to me and dozens of other smart, strong, successful women from around the world?

That’s why I created the Love U Community.

When Love U opened, I took 250 women through this life-changing curriculum. The most passionate, knowledgeable and caring of those graduates remain in the Love U Community – a private online forum where they can ask me their most intimate questions and get valuable feedback at any hour.

After all, being single is rough.

Whether you’re reeling from a painful breakup, back after a long dating hiatus, or on your 100th online date, it’s scary to tackle this massive undertaking all by yourself.

Who else are you going to turn to?

Your married friends? They don’t get it. They haven’t dated in the age of text and Tinder. They haven’t seen what it’s like for singles approaching middle age. Many are in miserable marriages. Who are they to give advice about anything?

Your single friends? They don’t get it either. Some hate men. Some have given up. Some have such bad man pickers that they should probably get coaching themselves. But they don’t. They’d rather complain than learn.

That leaves you, bravely forging ahead, open to the possibility of lasting change.

You’ve had a taste of Love U and you’ve liked what you’ve seen. The videos make sense. The exercises are simple. You’re feeling more confident, a little more clear-headed about this entire endeavor. But one thing is missing:


You’re still flying solo, trying to process this all yourself, having no one else to share this journey with you.

Your best bet is to find other people who speak your same language and have gone through the same coaching.

I am not kidding when I say that the Love U Community is a one-of-a-kind place where smart, strong, successful women who really “get it” can share, commiserate, and bolster each other’s confidence like nowhere else.

Deep, meaningful friendships have been formed in Love U and real-life Love U meetups have already taken place all over the world.

I love this community and I am confident you will too.


You can get all of this support, coaching and friendship for only $47/month.

graduate Sales LetterImagine what it would feel like to go through Love U with the wind at your back, to have friends who understood these concepts, to have an experienced coach guiding you through the program.

Think about how much easier it would be.

Think about how much faster you’d get results.

Think about what it would feel like to have a healthy relationship with a guy who treats you like gold.

Finally, the Love U Community is an open door. There is no minimum amount of time you have to stay. You can cancel at any time and rejoin again down the road.

Click below to join my Love U Community and together, we’ll get you into the relationship you’ve always desired.


Evan Marc Katz

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