2016 Inner Circle Marathon Coaching Calls



Your Second Marathon Coaching Call

It was my fastest marathon ever (only 2 hours and 15 minutes!) and it may be my finest work yet. Despite a deep hacking cough that may be contagious over the computer, I managed to find a through line between all of the disparate questions posed – and delicately toed the line between loving and tactless.

Soon you’ll see just how common it is to be a victim of wishful thinking – living your life with the idea that your relationship would be just perfect… if you were only dating a different guy.

In Love U, we don’t do wishful thinking. We play here in reality, where if a man says he doesn’t want a relationship, it means “he doesn’t want a relationship,” and if a man says he doesn’t want kids it means, “he doesn’t want kids.”

If it sounds surprising that this would even be a question, click below to listen. It wasn’t just a question, it was virtually EVERY question. Thanks for your participation. I’m so proud to watch you challenge yourself and be open to this process.

Thanks for making Love U possible. I’ll see you in the Community!

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Your First Marathon Coaching Call

While we didn’t set a Love U record, our marathon coaching call ran for over three hours yesterday afternoon. And while I can’t speak for all of the women in Love U, personally I found it challenging, stimulating and fun. Instead of sticking with the topic-specific calls of Thursday nights, we covered the gamut on this marathon call: confidence, chemistry, compatibility, alpha vs. beta, masculine vs. feminine – basically a sneak preview of what’s to come in the next four months of Love U.

Click below to take a listen or download the call.

Thanks so much for your trust and participation. We’ll do another one of these in two months. In the meantime, stay the course with your Love U videos and I’ll see you in the Community.

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